Collina Strada

DeVonn Tee

Vinyl printed t-shirt from Kantamanto Market in Accra, Ghana dyed with turmeric and hibiscus. 

The flowers in Lyons’s drawing series By Any Means Necessary are the fierce and benevolent keepers of the forest, embodying a community rooted in resilience and reciprocity. Their radiant beauty at once attracting beneficial pollinators and distracting predators in a dance of colorful symbiosis. Lyon’s work recuperates the characters and cultural context that shapes Black American identity, examining the mutations of folkloric characters from the Antebellum period in the Southern United States (1812-15). With humor and searing acuity, their flower warriors examines histories of representation and ownership, imagining friends and loved ones as the ebullient figures of a Black Flower Forest.

30% of the proceeds from this auction item will go to the artist, SK Lyons, 70% will be donated to GLITS. 

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